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As the founder of Inner Peacework, I invite you to embark on the healing journey within. I have been assisting others on their unique healing journeys since 1996 and would be honored to facilitate yours. 

~ Joan Raveling

Find your Inner Peace

Individual and group sessions using a wide range of Energy Medicine practices. Advanced Energy Healing techniques, Flower Essence Remedies, Breathwork, and energy balancing exercises raise your vibrational frequency and allow healing to happen. The intention of my practice is to connect you with the divine energy that resides within you so that you can BE the embodiment of love and joy.

Find your Inner Peace

by appointment at:

2312 Grandview Blvd. # 101, Waukesha, WI

Seasonally in Bonita Springs, FL

Advanced Energy Healing session $ 100 / hour

Aromatherapy included

Add-on individualized Flower Essence Blend         $ 35

Flower Essence testing and individualized blend       $75 + S&H


Individual session   2 hrs.     $120

Group session    3 - 4 hrs.    $100 per person

Wellness Products

Young Living Essential Oils™

Optimize your health with all natural therapeutic grade essential oils, unparalleled nutritional products, and chemical free cleaning and self-care products.

Young Living Essential Oils™ is the world leader in essential oils.

Consultations are free

To order: use distributor # 946813

Inner Peacework

2312 N. Grandview Blvd. Suite 101

Waukesha, WI 53188

(inside Kindred Spirit Center)